NITTA DuPont Incorporated was founded in 1983 jointly by NITTA Corporation who is the leading company of industrial belt market, and Rodel Inc. (now DuPont) who is the top manufacturer of polishing pads for the semiconductor device processes.

Its business objective was to provide the ultra-fine polishing systems for silicon wafers that act as irreplaceable key devices in the electronics industry throughout Asia, as well as throughout Japan. The company’s destiny is tied to advanced technology and internationalism.

As a result, in an era when demands truly changed by the second, the company responded accurately and rapidly, accumulated solid expertise, and rose to a trusted position as a high-technology firm supporting a corner of our digital society.

In 1992, the company gained an unshakable advantage by providing polishing systems of CMP technology in the semiconductor device processes.

Furthermore, foreseeing the technical development needs of a new era, we opened the Kyoto plant and technical center in Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture in 2005. Our challenge to innovation of polishing technologies continues.

Company name NITTA DuPont Incorporated
Establishment November 12, 1983
Employees 300
Headquarters 4-4-26, Sakuragawa, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-0022, JAPAN
Office Osaka Head Office, Tokyo Branch, Kyoto Plant, Mie Plant
Business ■Provide precision polishing system

  • Production/sales of consumable materials for CMP semiconductor device (pads, slurries, backing materials)
  • Production/sales of consumable materials (pads, slurries, backing materials) for ultra-precise level polishing of silicon wafers, LCD glass substrates, sapphire substrates, hard discs, etc.
Shareholder composition NITTA Corporation(Listed at Tokyo Stock Exchange) : 50%
DuPont : 50%
Affiliated companies NITTA DuPont Trading Company