Technical Center

NITTA DuPont aims to be the "Global number 1 partner for creating optimized surfaces" from a customer perspective.

Only NITTA DuPont has a full lineup for pads, slurries and conditioners, which enables us to provide total solutions for each customer’s needs.

Technical Center

  • Skilled staff knew everything about polishing

    Skilled staff knew everything about polishing

    We have experienced and knowledgeable staff, who have dedicated many years to research and development of polishing materials and polishing processes, to be able to cover all areas.

  • Enhanced polishing and measuring facilities

    Enhanced polishing and measuring facilities

    Well-funded R&D capabilities and new infrastructure enable maintenance of leadership positions and ability to meet customer demands.

  • Polishing demos available

    Polishing demos available

    As customer’s request, we can offer polishing demonstrations with customers at our Kyoto technical center.

Technical Center in Kyoto Plant / NITTA DuPont sets up a Technical center in its Kyoto plant

With Class 1000, 100 and 10 clean rooms, we can meet any customer needs from polishing/cleaning to measurement such as for silicon wafers, semiconductor device wafers and compound wafers.

Polishing tool and measurement system

  • Polisher for Si wafer
    Double side polisher (DSM series by SpeedFam Company Ltd), Single side polisher (SPP, PNX series by Okamoto Machine Tool Works, Ltd) etc.
  • Polisher for semiconductor device wafer (CMP)
    Ebara EPO, FREX series etc.
  • Wafer Measuring device
    Wafer Surface Inspection Tool (MAGICS by Lasertec Corporation, LS series by Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation)

We conduct a polishing demo with customers. Our application engineers can discuss with customers directly while reviewing polishing results here, which can give both of us better understandings for a quick decision on the next action. This type of application engineering support is also one of our values that we want to deliver to the customers.