Strengths of NITTA DuPont

As a partner that can create an optimal surface

30 years have already passed since the CMP process was first applied to the semiconductor device manufacturing process.
Early on, NITTA DuPont and DuPont Electronics & Imaging established a strong leadership position as a polishing pad supplier, and have continued to grow with customers up to this point.
We continue to maintain current leadership position in the CMP pad market and now have an additional product line, slurry & conditioner, to act as a total solution provider. We promise to contribute to society through the polishing business.

Strong product portfolio

  1. IC1000™ and Suba™, the de-facto standard polishing pads
  2. Various product lines covering advanced process
  3. Offering key polishing consumables, pads, slurries and conditioners
Dow Dow is a NITTA DuPont joint Venture Partner

Advanced technology

  1. Fundamental understanding of CMP process
  2. Alignment of product development with customer roadmaps
  3. Total solution (pad / slurry / conditioner)
Advanced technology

Best partner of customers

  1. Quick response
  2. World-class technical support
  3. Industry experienced experts for all CMP processes
  4. Global supply chain
  5. Capability for all polishing requirement A to Z

Overwhelming production technology

  1. More than 30 years of high volume production experience
  2. High level of process engineering capability and expertise
  3. Systematic issue resolution
  4. A spirit that “Kaizen is unlimited”
  5. Cost-conscious
Overwhelming production technology